- What is a Diamond Cocktail? -

A Diamond Cocktail is an initiative created and registered by Diamond Centers International (DCI) in which the participants of an event are offered the innovative idea of being presented with a glass of champagne containing a stone. Sometimes these stones will be natural diamonds while other stones will be zircons. Every guest gets to keep the stone they have inside their glass as a souvenir of the party.

A diamond expert attends every Diamond Cocktail event to check every stone with a magnifying glass to confirm which of the participants are diamond winners.

A diamond’s elegance, shine and splendour, provides any event with the desired luxury, making any event you wish to organise highly appealing. This is especially so when every guest has the chance to win a diamond.

Bright, 3 mm (± 0.10ct) stones are always selected for a Diamond Cocktail, because they are the ideal size to be seen perfectly in a champagne glass. Due to their weight, the diamonds will stay at the bottom of the glass, thus avoiding any possible issues.


After the diamond expert has verified each of the participants’ stones, they will receive:

 • An envelope containing the zircon or the diamond they have won.

• A certificate for their stone as well as an official valuation from DCI - for those participants who have won a diamond.

• A document inviting them to have an ensemble made in noble materials with a diamond to create a bracelet, pendant or earring.

All the diamonds come from Diamond Centers International, DCI.

Do you want to organise your own Diamond Cocktail for your guests? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will advise you to help ensure your event has its own light.

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