- Investment diamonds -

Why invest in diamonds?

  • It is a tangible investment
  • Constant appreciation of the diamonds’ value
  • A value list every Friday
  • Price in Dollars
  • You can enjoy your investment in jewels
  • Very easy to transport

Invest with DCI:

  • Offices in the Antwerp Diamond Bourse
  • Tradition of excellence since 1876
  • The President is a member of the World Federation of Diamond Exchanges
  • The President is a Sworn diamond and precious stone assessor in Belgium, Cataluña and Holland
  • EA wide range of stones
  • Without intermediaries
  • The best price
  • Experts with a long tradition are at your service

Future Investment:

  • Safe investment
  • Future appreciation
  • Liquidity in any country in the world

Diamonds are the best tangible and portable investment in the universe, but their acquisition requires some knowledge of the diamond world. The experts at Diamond Centers International (DCI) are entirely at your service to advise you on which investment, according to your interests, is best for you.

Diamonds can be considered as a new international currency. They can be sold in any country in the world, and if we invest in diamonds we know that we can have them in our hands, and not in anyone else’s.

A very important consideration to take into account when thinking about investing in diamonds is that their value appreciates over time. According to experts, a diamond’s value increases by between 3% and 10% annually. The investment’s value is a medium/long term one, and is sufficiently stable in comparison to precious metals such as gold or silver, since precious metals have suffered from bubbles during the recent economic recession.

The innovation of Investment Diamonds is that it uses diamonds as stones, in and of themselves. The stone has a single value, and the diamond isn’t seen as stone mounted into a jewel, or as an ornament, but something which has value in itself, and while the diamond appreciates in value it can also be shown off as a precious jewel.

Any Investment Diamond is always delivered in its own thermo-sealed blister pack along with its certificate. The stone’s authenticity certificate is its individual identification and specifies all of its unique features and characteristics. The certificates we work with are: GIA, IGI, HRD and EGL.

Ask us for the characteristics that you want your investment diamonds to have (weight, colour, quality etc.) and we will personally assess them. We will then advise you, with the utmost discretion, on which is the best investment for you according to your requirements.