When only the best diamonds are acceptable.

Every diamond in this category is selected with the utmost care, and must overcome a double grading process.

Firstly, they are graded microscopically for colour and purity and then they are graded to 10x magnification. These two operations are carried out by two different expert classifiers.

Additionally, the stones’ proportions are thoroughly checked and measured electronically using a microscope. The larger stones are measured using the Sarin proportion analyser, with which we can guarantee straight tables, thin girdles and fine or no culets.

Our customers’ wishes are our commands, so we can even produce diamonds to your specific requirements.

Despite out strict selection criteria, the Price of these gems will pleasantly surprise you.


Additional Specifications:

We can provide a grading report with every stone from 0.25ct upwards, for a nominal fee.

These reports are automatically generated from our Sarin analyser, and the clarity and colour gradings are determined microscopically.

Orders may be placed for all the aforementioned products in either diameter or exact weight.

The products described in this brochure are for the exclusive use of DCI’s customers.