The History of DCI

When Norbert Streep opened the current office in central Antwerp in 1992 as DCI’s headquarters, it constituted a logical step in the illustrious history of the diamond business. 

In 1826, Solomon L. Streep became an independent diamond cutter and his son Wolf followed in his footsteps, working from home. However, after his marriage to Rebecca Prins in March 1875, things changed because Rebecca couldn’t tolerate her husband’s home-based crafts. Wolf took this to be a challenge and as a result, launched this new business venture. 

In 1875 Wolf became involved in the diamond trade proper and registered with the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce. We can trace DCI’s history from this date. 

Wolf’s first-born son, Nathan, learned the art of diamond cutting that his father had started and opened a workshop with thirty two cutters, which was the largest of its kind in Amsterdam. 

Nathan’s eldest son, William, continued the family business in Canada where he also held the position of Dutch Ambassador. Nathan’s youngest son, Robert, married Sylvia van Moppes in 1951 and she joined the company, with her father-in-law, as the person responsible for establishing the first gallery and permanent diamond exhibition room. 

In 1957 he revived the family business in the same building where his grandparents had lived. This time, he added a magnificent gallery and diamond exhibition room. 

Norbert, Robert’s son, joined the family business in 1974 after having been trained in America and Belgium. In 1976, Robert, in his ongoing effort to expand the business, suggested that as father and son, he and Norbert open a gallery and diamond exhibition room in London. The company they established in London attracted 50,000 visitors per year and had Norbert Streep as its Director, and Robert Streep as President. This company was sold in 1990. 

Since 1992, the family tradition has continued with Norbert Streep as President, in Antwerp, Belgium.